Saturday, April 19, 2008

We saw Nim's Island tonight!

The new movie with Jodie Foster, based on the book by Wedy Orr. We saw it with two other homeschool families.

Several of us have enjoyed the book and we all relished the movie, which was filmed on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We laughed when Nim said she is homeschooled and then corrected herself - well, really island-schooled.

It has been a kind of island-ish week. Anthony drew a map of an imaginary island, while doing activities based around the novel Prince Caspian. We tore the edge of his map and soaked it in cold tea, searching for an aged appearance for the map. We talked about island-ish geographical terms - isthmus, peninsula and so on.

And then we saw Nim's Island . These connections made me feel quite serendipitious.

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Meredith said...

Oh good, I wondered about this one!! Thanks for sharing!