Friday, April 04, 2008

Rules to Live By

...At least for this week...

After reviewing my responses to my children and the aftermath of too much chocolate in the Easter season, I have decided to make a few temporary rules for living.

A temporary Rule of Life.

Re-reading Secrets of a Former Fat Girl reminded me of the role of rules in one's life.

The author, Delaney, shares how a few rules and a few mantras can help one change. She suggests adopting the mantra "Whatever it Takes" and "Its Not an Option (INO) ~ whatever it takes to get the change that is needed and giving up is not a option.

If you have any doubt about the role of INO to change you life, think about this: Right now other"mere words" have just as much power over you. Words Like"I am weak" and "I am not worthy." Words like I can't". These words are defining you; they are shaping the way you live now. Secret 3 : Adopt INO can help you fix that...

The idea of living ( and eating) by some set of rules is hard even to think about I know. When you life is full of stress ( as most of ours are), you savour the freedom to eat what you want and do what you want with the little downtime you have..But you know on some level that this is hurting you more than helping you..

How not to use INO: to make youself feel bad for not living up to some impossible standard you set for yourself . Think about INO as the encouraging words of a coach, not the judgement command of a drill segeant. It is meant to lift you up, not tear you down.
Chapter 3 "Secrets of a Former Fat Girl" Lisa Delaney.

This week's rules? Or should I say ~ Current Rules?

* Morning prayer and/or Mass ( getting back into good habits)
* No sharp words ( 'nuff said)
* No chocolate ( self explanatory, in the post Easter chocolate haze)
* No large helpings, no seconds, no nibbling
* Workout with intensity

I'll let you know how I fare with these rules. Assuming you are interested, of course!


Meredith said...

I love your list Leonie, I especially need to work on the "no sharp words" exclusively! Blessings!

Michelle Waters said...

Good luck - I like the "it's not an option" especially. I think I'll get some use out of that one!

Leonie said...

Good luck with your rules and mantras, too!