Thursday, April 03, 2008

Playing Nicely

How many times a week, does a mother remind her childen to Play Nicely?

Seems I often say Play Nicely or Speak Nicely to my kids.

So why can't adults do what they recommend? How hard is it for an adult to play nicely?

I have experienced adults not playing nicely this morning. On the internet and in real life.

As Cay said, perhaps we need to remember that we are all One Body.

And we need to pray, to pray that we can all be open and honest and Play Nicely.

Thanks for your prayers, for these concerns. :-)


Mary G said...

Ive been saying "be sweet" around here alot lately ...

You are so right that adults are often the worst offenders and don't want to give-in ....

Prayers for all, both IRL and Online!

Leonie said...

Mary, I know you understand. :-)

I like it - be sweet. Sounds better, somehow, than Be Nice. Although I think my boys would laugh at me if I said it! lol!

Thanks for prayers.

Willa said...

I am praying for these intentions!

I have received so many blessings from internet forums and the people on them -- that it is sad when I realize that someone has been hurt.

Leonie said...

Yeah, it happens, doesn't it? Sigh.