Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Typical Day

Faith shares a typical homeshool day.

Our days are typically atypical.

Today I woke at 6.30 a.m. with dh. Three sons were up, too - Luke to get ready for work and Alexander and Greg to do yoga.

Dh went to work and I drove to 7.00 a.m. Mass.

Had breakfast out with one of the older parishioners, a time for her to air her thoughts and for us to clear the air. Maybe part of my role as Parish Council Chair? Maybe just because I hate talking behind backs and like to be up front? Who knows?

I texted the kids to remind them to get up, do chores, have breakfast.

Went to get petrol, texted some more, chatted to a friendly guy in the l-o-n-g queue at the service station. We got on famously! My kids and dh always tease me about talking to everyone and anyone...

Then home to talk to the kids, give them their cupcakes - the ones I bought them while out, bite back some sharp words re undone chores and video games ( not their fault - mine - I wasn't home!), time to tidy up, do laundry, start working out. I did most of Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2 - love the song Get Back by Sir Mixalot, and the pumping and kicking moves that go with that song on this workout.

Kids started some university work for older ones, some Maths and some Latin for others. Anthony jumped on the trampoline.

Then a visit from a priest, who chatted to the kids. Greg made us tea and we retired to the sitting room to talk more...

Kids finished formal work, played computer, talked on the phone, played piano and guitar, read books, did workouts, I did internet stuff for work and pleasure, looked at the email list and boards I moderate on the web, paid bills, blogged, texted, answered texts for work and friends, answered work and home phone calls.

We had lunch ( leftovers and make your own- you are doing grocery shopping soon, asked one son hopefully. Yes, tomorrow or this weekend..).

Off to work at Kumon - kids in tow...Got a text from dh, I'm in trouble over something I said to someone. Uh-oh.

Ah, home again. I realized that we had NOTHING for dinner. I had planned to put pea soup onto cook in the Crock Pot this morning, but the morning ran away from me. No soup started.

Dh came to the rescue, with takeaway Chinese food. I love my dh!

We watched two episodes of Firefly, talking about the characters. Worked on newsletter labels for Kumon with dh. The kids cleaned up and I showered. And I shoo-ed nearly everyone to bed, we've had too many late nights and early mornings. They went, to listen to music, to chat ( the younger four share rooms), to read...And I went to blog. While working on tomorrow's To Do List.

Damn! We forgot the Rosary. I'm off to remind everyone to pray. No family Rosary tonight. Sigh. But at least we'll say our rosaries in our rooms. We are going to First Friday Mass tomorrow. Before Homeschool Teen Group at the movies. That counts. Right?

Not your most holy Catholic homeschooling day, yet typically atypical.


Anonymous said...

As St. Josemaria Escriva writes: Live as others around you live, with naturalness, but 'supernaturalizing' every moment of your day. From You-Know-Who ;)

Meredith said...

This looks like a perfectly lovely "atypical" day Leonie, thans for sharing it!!

yesterthoughts said...


Thank you for sharing your day. I know I haven't commented lately - sorry. I want to let you know that I am inspired what you share on this blog. Yesterday I did my first Firm (The "Hare" fast and light workout with Tracie Long) workout since breaking my ankle. Your posts are very motivating! You look fantastic, btw!

Blessings to you and your dear ones, kristina

HopewellMomSchool said...

Long lines at the gas station? You mean it CAN get worse than just paying thru the nose?
You sound like a perfectly normal family!

Leonie said...

Thqanks for the Josemaria Escriva hought. :-)

Good to see you, Meredith and Kristina - great to hear about the FIRM workout and that you ankle hs healed.

Yeah, Lisa, yesteday there were long lines everywhere!

momof3feistykids said...

It looks like a terrific day. It seems like an excellent balance of faith, school, and life. :-) By the way, we like Firefly, too.

Leonie said...

Cool - another set of Firefly fans!!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Sounds like a great day - and I love take-out Chinese!

We went on Wednesday for Chinese to celebrate our recent home purchase!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm....shouldn't we be saving $ ;-)!

Leonie said...

Congrats on the home puchase!

Sabine said...

Hey Leonie - I'm a few days late commenting here but wanted to share one of my initial reactions when I first read it. As I was reading about your beautiful and productive day, I was nodding my head and then I read, "Then we had lunch." Whoa! It sounded like a whole day already :-) How much different is this from when you had more younger children at home along with older ones who weren't yet totally independent? I find myself thinking I am a totally unproductive person because we seem to get very little accomplished. *sigh*

Leonie said...

Sabine, I think life is different with littlies and bigies. :-) I am sur your days are more productive than you think and a journal may surprise you.

Plus, we can be productive in different ways.

My days were busier when we had little ones too - just meeting the neeeds of littlies takes time. But we went out a lot - I found being out and with others helped us all, made me focus on kids and not on the house.

I must admit to always being a pretty high energy person and always filling my days ioth lots of things, making things like meals very simple! lol! But I wouldn't have gone out for breakfast on a week day, if I had littlies - would have done that when dh was home, in the evening or weekend. And my work hours were less - two mornings and one afternoon a week teaching when number 7 was a baby. And I exercised less - half an hour was my max, every day or only 3-4 days a week...So, I did cut down on things to fit the ages of my family...

You are doing great, I love hearing about you learning days with beate and about your teens...