Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A broad view of education

Discussing unschooling here and here.

One thing I shared was that I know that just taking a holiday and having fun, without worrying about interests and learning, is often helpful. A good way to re-connect.

But it really has to be without learning strings attached – that we will visit a museum and if all the kids are interested in is the coffee shop, then that’s okay for now.

This leading an interesting life with no learning pressure for awhile often helps with re-kindling interest and excitement and relationships.

My kids are fairly social so we do things with others.

Today, I have work meetings, I have to drive an hour to get there. I went to 7.00 a.m Mass and have asked the boys to read some of their religion books over breakfast.

The kids and one of their teen friends are coming with me to work, and they will go to the library, the shops, have lunch out while I am in the meetings.

A cool unschooly day - I know the boys will come home with heaps of books. And have fun!

Sometimes, joy and the love of reading are cool descriptors of our day...

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