Friday, April 25, 2008

Trapped in Paradise.

Not really.

Although we do love that film, with Nicholas Cage. Part of our Christmas list of movies ( be forewarned - has swearing).

But last night a friend and I were Trapped in a Car Park ( And with no swearing- just lots of giggles).

I met some friends, other homeschool mothers, for dinner last night, after my work at Kumon. We went to the Coffee Club to celebrate another friend's birthday.

And we parked in the carpark that closes, unbeknownst to us, at 9.00 p.m.

So, at 10.45 p.m. there we were, trapped in the car park, no way to get out. Gates all closed.

We laughed.

And we got help so we arrived home safely. After rude texts from my friends and family, about my ability to get trapped!

Just another adventure in the life of homeschooling mother. Who knew we lived such exciting lives? lol!

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Faith said...

This happened to me once only I was all by myself. Wasn't nearly as fun as your little adventure sounds!