Saturday, April 26, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner


Luke and Jonathon were the murderers!

We had a really nice dinner, I ( sort of) followed recipes from my birthday cookbook - Nigella Express by TV cook Nigella Lawson.

Nibbles with cocktails, Naan bread Pizza with wine and soft drink, Beef Tagine with olives and capers/rice/ sauteed cauliflower and capsicum, White Chocolate Mousse and Apple Tart, cheese and biscuits and Anthony's dragon cake with coffee and tea.

The characters and dialogue and clues were engaging - we tried to solve the crime ourselves.

And dh and I ended the night at Adoration in our parish, after 1.00 a.m., when the guests left.

Cool evening and lotsa fun.

P.S. My character, Edith, ended up being quite a shocker ~ definitely not someone I'd emulate IRL!


Cay G. said...

Yep, they look pretty guilty to me. ;)


Really, you have some of the best looking boys, Leonie!

Leonie said...

Why, thanks, Cay!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Looks like fun - and I LOVE how you ended the evening with Adoration!