Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's for dinner?

Hey, I'm actually cooking tonight!

Last night was jacket potatoes, cooked in the oven while we were at Mass. With chicken burgers from the freezer and salad and shop bought bread rolls. Ice cream from the freezer for dessert.

A convenience meal - and an unexpected but welcome visitor - who had to eat the thrown together meal. And experience our poor table manners and our noise!

He should come for dinner tonight.

Real food is on the menu.

Why? Well, at the request of the kids, I am making Shepherds Pie.

We are even home early enough for me to attempt to cook.

Here is a yummy heart healthy Shepherds Pie


Genevieve said...

Ohhhh... can I come over? :) I haven't had shepard's pie in a long, long time! I made sweet potato soup and kinda got stuck there.... now to slap a few things together in a hurry. Thank goodness I make two batches of everything so there might be something in the freezer.

Cay Gibson said...

Don't you know I just wrote down the ingredients this morning to get at the store for a Shepherd's Pie. Been too long since we had one.

My son's godmother makes him a Shepherd's Pie everytime he stays with her.

I finally had to get the recipe from her.

Shepherd Pie rules!
My kids say so. :)

Leonie said...

Oh, wow, all these people who like Shepherd's Pie!

Genevieve, your idea of making two batches of everything sounds very sensible.

Sabine said...

My dh requested Shepherd's Pie a couple weeks ago. Now I have a nice recipe so no excuse!

Leonie said...

Another vote for Shepherd's Pie - didn't know it was so popular!

Anonymous said...

My kids will only eat chicken so when I make shepherds pie I have to mince chicken breast! (I created fussy eaters :-)
This is one of those meals that I was raised on! A traditional "English" cusine LOL

Leonie said...

Hmm - not sure my dh would eat it made with chicken. But you never know!

HopewellMomSchool said...

I miss WW recipes so much!! Thanks for posting this! I have a scrapbook of them made while I was Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi in the late 80s. Friends from down under shared their magazines all the time! I even got hooked on the Soaps for a while!

Anonymous said...


Leonie said...

Lisa - there are lots of websites with yummy WW recipes.

And, yes, Cindy, it was yum! :-)

Cay Gibson said...

Thought I'd include my fast, easy, quick, simple recipe for Shepherd's Pie.

Hope you don't mind, Leonie. :)

Ground meat with seasoning blend (onion, peppers, celery,etc.) browned and drained

Add drained can of corn

Layer in casserole dish

Layer mashed potatoes on top

Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese on top.

Bake for 20 minutes in 300 oven

Leonie said...

A delicious sounding recipe, Cay 0 and so very simple!

The Shephers Pie was a hit, btw. Wow - a dinner everyone eats!