Sunday, October 22, 2006

True Confessions

On the
Unschooling Catholics email list, a friend inadvertantly began a thread on True Confessions.

These are not the sensational, soap opera type of confessions.

But the thoughts of homeschooling Catholic mothers, with regard to parenting.

Sometimes honest sharing is what is needed. It is through sharing our weaknesses that we can often build each other up - we realize that not everyone is perfect and not everyone has it all together.

We share ideas and resources and tips along the way.

A true confession for me ~ I feel a kind of jealousy, when my friends say that they are expecting another child.

I have had to deal with my sin of envy and accept my miscarriages and infertile times.

And ~ I often feel pangs over being what I think is a terrible mother - now or in the past - not always being patient when my older sons were little, or being too busy. Or not teaching enough Science. Or being a bad role model at decision making. Or not converting to Catholicism sooner - my older kids have been Catholics longer than I have.

I am trying to accept that I will always fail at something in this mothering and wifely role ( I am not naturally good at these things!) - so I just have to keep on picking myself up, praying and moving on.

I hope my sharing helps. We all have areas of concern and I get SO tired of blogs describing perfect mothers and perfect children.

I am not criticizing the perfect bloggers, these families are truly blessed and are blessings themselves .

But I am not there yet.

I am working on getting there, however, with prayer - and blogging!


Anonymous said...


I love this post!

I'm struggling right there with you, sister - and I've been Catholic my whole life (38 years) - it wasn't until a pilgrimage when I was 21, though, that things really began to "click" for me.

Anonymous said...

I should define my use of the word "click."

I meant it in terms of understanding why the Church taught what She teaches. I didn't know before the whys and humbly, I must say, I didn't always obey.

Leonie said...

Maria, interesting to hear about the "click" - I love hearing about people's stories to the Church or, in your case, a new fervour for your Faith.

I finally converted in 1994, after two years of research and reading...

kidspatch said...

Even a mere few weeks after giving birth to a baby (and I have been blessed with eight of them) I often feel "envy" when a friend tells me that she is pregnant! I might just have spent the past four months of my pregnancy complaining but when it is over I yearn to go through the whole experience again. I don't think that feeling will ever go away, it is the heart felt yearning of a mother!
Do you think I need a Dr Phil session?? !!!!

Leonie said...

Well - if you need Dr Phil, so do I! lol!