Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Housekeepng.

30 Days to a Clean House.

Just reading the list makes me feel tired.

Have fun!


Susan said...

Egads!!!! All that and then what, after the 30 days...I suppose you'd have to start all over again!!!

No way, not for me. Anyway, having my sons live with that kind of cleanliness will not be a good thing for their future wives...so I'm trying to do my future daughter's-in-law the favour of not setting up those ridiculous standards.

Good on anyone who can do it though..I'm slightly green of those who do.

But it ain't for me :)

Leonie said...

Loved your comment about the future wives! lol!

I got through reading the first week and then I got lost in boredom. :-)

Beate said...

HA - I don't even have to read the list ;-) Susan, your ds's might be just the match for my dd's ;-)

Leonie said...

Beate - internet match making? :-)

Beate said...

oooooh Leonie, you have boys also ;-) I love the thought of you as my dd's m-i-l =D!

Leonie said...

Hey, if they marry, we could get to meet!

Well, you've met Luke already....he's too old for your dd - but I have others. lol!