Friday, October 27, 2006

I failed preschool craft.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we are doing sewing and crafts this term in Group Learning.

This week was sewing - the juniors made hats and bags and the seniors made T shirts.

Now, I am way out of my comfort zone when it comes to sewing.

I looked at the patterns for the seniors and nearly had a fit. Say what? You trace which line? This is the front?

I ended up helping with the preschool craft - threading beads and making a cushion.

I feel really sorry for Faith, the little girl I helped. She now has the most mis-shapen pillow you can imagine. She loved it ,though - it was her choice of colour and materials ( pink vinyl with beads of many colours).

This craft was hard! At one stage, I said "This is dumb. I give up." There was a shocked silence from the children and from the two other mums helping with this group.

Oh-oh. Bad example.

I failed preschool craft.


Theresa said...

Oh my gosh! Me too! Shall we form a support group for pre-school craft drop-outs?

Leonie said...

Well, I feel better knowing you are in the same boat, Theresa!

kidspatch said...

I was freaked out by the sewing in the home made books! (I just got the Valerie Bendt book and I have calmed down slightly)
I am still hoping that three quarter length jeans will come back in fashion so I don't have to take the hem up!! (being so short they seem to be the right length!)

Leonie said...

IKWYTM - sadly, sewing and me don't mix. But even I can sew the books. :-)

Alice said...

Leonie, you are great! Thank you for the laugh this morning--and that picture you chose to accompany this post is perfect!

Leonie said...

Glad you had a laugh, Alice - its a cute pic and described my feelings well! :-)