Thursday, October 19, 2006

Term 4

Okay, as unschoolers we don't really follow terms - but we do!


Our learning and living are our constants year round ~ but our homeschool and other activities often have school term boundaries.

This week is the commencement of the fourth term, the last term , of the school year here in Australia.

Our plans?

Weekly Homeschool Group Learning is doing crafts - this should be interesting. Can you see Jonathon sewing a T shirt next week -and then tie dying it the following week?

The kids have four weeks of surfing lessons coming up.

We continue with ice skating and homeschool teen group.

At home, we are talking about making books. We started our discussion this morning.

Since 1994, we have tried to make a book each year, a home made - hand made book, written by each child.

We use the ideas from Valerie Bendt's book
Creating Books With Children.

Wednesday religion reading continues - and we pick up some extra reading on spiritual matters during Advent.

Come Advent, we typically try to group together for some Advent activities - even if we only fit in one each week.

And that is why I am on the computer at 9.00 a.m. on a weekday morning, instead of helping my kids with their activities or doing the work for my Kumon centre.

I am researching Advent stuff.

Oh, and blogging.

Here are some ideas -

A Homeschool Catholic Christmas blog
the Domestic Church - Advent
the Teaching Mom Advent activity links
an Advent calender - scroll down for links to sites with ideas and activities
a Tomi de Paola Advent unit study - based on his picture books, of course!


Fr. Benedict M. said...

Look forward to hearing some of your Advent ideas during the parish Advent Journey (begins November 29) :-)

Pam said...

A wonderful Advent book to read to your children is The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder. You read a chapter every day. Its about a boy who finds an advent calender and as he opens each window a story unfolds. This story is about a little girl who travels back in time to Bethlehem and the birth of Christ, meeting characters on the The Angel Ephiriel. Wonderful wonderful story.
Love hearing wjat you are up to and thanks for all the ideas. Some I use a lot.

Pam Hall

Leonie said...

Pam - so cool to hear from you!

And I love Jostein Gardner's book - I used to borrow it from the Walkerville libray. :-)

How's SA homeschooling?

Leonie said...

Yeah, right, thanks Father - but I *do* expect to learn a lot and for you to be full of wisdom!

Theresa said...

Leonie, I would love to see some examples of the books your children have made.
Got any pictures?

Leonie said...

Theresa ~ We have collected quite a few over the eyars! I will see if I can scan one or two this weekend...

Sabine said...

Hey Leonie - just wanted to say how joyfilled your blog is and how nice it is to visit!

Leonie said...

Oh, Sabine, you made my day ( and you must have missed my whinging posts! lol!).

I love visiting your Xanga site - makes such a positive change to a certain email list, right? :-)

Pam said...

SA Home ed going ok. I have organised a meeting for parents on Tues night (in the North) to organise some outings for the coming terms. We have had some great suggestions of activities to do so I am I guess trying to put them together with the help of others. I love hearing about your unschooling but for me going more the individual subject way. Having two at highschool age I love the discussions we get. Makes for an interesting day doesn't it?


Leonie said...

Pam, I hope the excursions list goes well - we have quite a few cool outings planned for homeschool teen group this term. Rock climbing, swimming, the beach, ten pin bowling, shopping and movies, to name a few.

I love homeschooling teens - love the late night discussions.

Your dd looks so beautiful in her birthday pic, too, btw.