Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shopping spree.

Warning Will Robinson - boring post ahead. Only of interest to close friends and family. :-)

This week, we have had a bit of a shopping spree.

Gerry got a new ( secondhand) car.

We purchased a new fridge ( our older one just wasn't working that hard). And a slightly bigger TV - we are not really into big TVs so its still pretty average sized but it is a plasma screen TV. Better picture. Apparently.

I bought some clothes for the boys.

And new summer pjs for me - Felix the Cat. You can see the pj top here.

I used to watch Felix on TV! Remember?


Alice said...

>>>I used to watch Felix on TV! Remember?

I most certainly do! And I remember Will Robinson as well!

Great purchases. : )

Leonie said...

Hey, Alice, perhaps we watched the same shows! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the PJs! Leonie, you won't believe what I bought with my first commision check from LCM... some bright read milkbone pajamas! They have pictures of dogs all over them! It was treat for me... and I can't anyone else in Houston who would want them. They are garish, but I love em.


Leonie said...

Oh, CIndy - we are so "cool" in our pjs. lol! ( Love the description of your doggie pjs. )

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Felix but I do remember Lost in Space - not to mention, I seem to live it everyday - LOL!

Cute summer jammies!

Leonie said...

Lost in Space was kind of fun, wasn't it?

Of course, since I got the summer pjs, the eather has turned cool again. :-(