Thursday, October 05, 2006

Computer strewing...

The artwork of Picasso. Our artist for this month. We change the background on the dining room computer, to reflect our current artist or an interest or the liturgical year.


Cindy said...

Hi Leonie-

Love the print.

We studied Picasso a while back.. what a wild ride! That man had quite a life. Do you have the print of the battle of the Spanish Civil War? That really struck me.. how he portryed war.

Have you ever used Mike Venenzia's biograpies? Simple and often funny.

You are reminding me of our picasso period.. how about drawing your cat Picasso style? lol we had fun doing that with our dogs.


Leonie said...

The cat sketch sounds good - I'll check with the boys and see if they want to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I like this print, too.

Leonie - Cindy,

What resources have you used and would recommend for Picasso?

Leonie said...

We aren't really using any resources ( blush).

In my usual haphazard unschooly fashion, I am just strewing art and discussing. If we want to go further we can go to the library or look at the internet.

We were at the art gallery last Monday and looking at modern art so an art gallery trip is good!

The 4 real learning boeards are where I get the idea for our artist of the month and there are info links posted there for Picasso ( October artist).

I have also dragged out our Discovering Great Artists book by Kohl, in case anyone wants more info and an activity. Its my fave art activity book.

Cindy said...

Hi ladies-

Maria, when we did our Picasso phase.. I just got some coffee table books and did my censoring with post it notes.. lol

I also had ordered a few prints from some museum.. but the coffee table books from the library were fine.

We just read the Mike Venezia book. Have you seen it? It is picture book style and he has areal sense of humor.. I bet your kids would love it.

I think I read a bit of backstory on Picasso, either from the CTB or online.. and saw how really disturbed he was in many areas. It was good fodder.. me sharing bits with the boys and us thinking about how that converted itself to his work and his distortion of the human face, etc.. as he likes to do.

Nothing deep.. discussion as Leonie says.. always the best learning I think.

But I do recommend the idea I heard once to try and paint in his style (or draw, or color, etc). Picasso is fun to mirror! You could use scissors and cut up a portrait and re-assemble Picasso style!

You should see my Boomer-Mattisse.. actually I am thinking of printint it up as a note card... lol

Leonie, I bbet your disuccsions are fun. Scan and post your Picasos cat if you do it! :)

Leonie said...

I'll share them if we do them - love to see the Boomer prints, too.