Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blast From the Past

We had a blast from the past this weekend.

On Friday, we went to our parish school fair.

We only stayed about an hour, as Gerry and I were going out to a charity benefit that night. And the kids were having other homeschool kids over for videos/pizza and babysitting.

I am so glad we went to the fair! Apart from junk food and Dodgem car rides, we bought a few things from the White Elephant stall.

One was the Blast from the Past movie. The VHS version was $1.00 - and I only bought it because it stars Alicia Silverstone. We liked her in Clueless. Brendan Fraser is the male lead.

What a scream! We watched the movie last night and it was funny ( you'd probably want to FF through some bits). A family thinks an atomic bomb has hit LA in 1961 and they live in a bomb shelter for 35 years. Their son, born in the shelter, has to eventually adjust to life in modern day LA.

Our other even more exciting purchase? I found the Mystery Date game.

I first heard of this game in the Santa Clause 2 movie - the older teachers in the film remember wanting this game as kids - and then they get it for Xmas. I have always thought that the game sounded like a hoot - a real 1960s treasure. Sexist definitely. But still funny.

I was so excited - I yelped! I also only paid 50c for the game.

How do you play? Girls get dressed for a Mystery Date - and if they are dressed correctly for their date when they open the door, they win. If not, they have to go around the board again - never knowing what sort of clothes their date will wear and what sort of date he has chosen. Formal, beach, cycling, etc.

Horrifically sexist. But extremely funny.

As Thomas said - "Mum, you would always win because you'd just tell your date to go home and get dressed to suit you!"

Out of the mouths of babes..

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