Sunday, October 22, 2006

Speed Cleaning.

Okay, I couldn't resist, I have to comment on this book.

Speed Cleaning.

Someone gave me the book as a present ( you know who you are!). Jonathon and Alexander laughed and laughed when they saw the title.

I love presents.

I am sure this book was meant as a joke - I have such a spotlessly clean house ( hah! hah!).

Well, the house is fairly clean and fairly organized.

According to "Speed Cleaning", I should have spent yesterday doing the "four room Saturday clean" .

Instead, I went to the Air Show with my kids and some friends and we all met my husband for lunch.

Time well spent, in my opinion. Or am I just making excuses? lol!

The book has some noteworthy points.

Although some of the comments are a bit of a joke. Really.

For example , under Daily Cleaning, the authors note - Check there is toilet paper.

I mean, hello? Surely we all know to check that there is enough toilet paper??

I do like this quote, however - "When you have finished the spring or autumn clean, reward yourself and the family....Go out for dinner..."

I don't think I'll wait to finish a spring clean to take the advice...


Anonymous said...

I think the airshow is where you were supposed to be!

LIke you I am in a constant balance between clean enough to be healthy (I think not only phsycially but psychologically) and messy enough to be relaxed and not hyper.

My mom gave me a great compliment once. She was and is an excellent housekeeper. Supurb.

I was lamenting once that I could not seem to achieve that and she said that she admired me because i played with my boys- something she rarely did. I think I still am playing with them, though the games have changed!

But she sure played with her grandkids and made her home fun and welcoming to them. She was always on the floor with them when they were little.

Love your post, Leonie.

Beate said...

Go out to dinner - that sounds good ;-) As for the toilet paper, here's the system, when someone yells for toilet paper and we have to borrow a roll from the other bathroom, it's time to get more :-)

Isn't speed cleaning what happens right after you say, "What do you mean your parents are coming for dinner???"

Leonie said...

Cindy - I can just see you and the boys playing. And, yes, I agree - its a balance between a clean enough home and fun with the family.

Beate - I am laughing so much at your comment - esp the speed cleaning one!

Fr. Benedict M. said...

Leonie, I'm pretty sure that the book was meant to be a joke... whoever it was does have a sense of humour!!! Jokes aside, as a frequent visitor to your home I can attest its cleanliness and after all, Cleanliness is next to Godliness! And that old proverb does indicate a healthy notion that keeping a place clean and tidy is conducive to holiness.... but that comment should neither be taken to the extreme nor taken out of context!!!!! Enjoy life, enjoy your family, have fun... but a bit of dusting never killed anyone!

Leonie said...

I'll try to remember about the dusting, Fr. :-)