Monday, October 30, 2006

Sarah's Loveliness of Prayer

Sarah from Cool Homeschool

I have a lovely prayer space in our home.

I have a little alcove which attracted my attention when I moved in here 7 months ago. I thought about the things I had brought with me that I needed to remind myself often of the love that holds us together as earthly family as well as heavenly family….especially being so physically far away from some of our family members.

After we arrived here I found & purchased the heart ornament on which is written “Love never fails” 1 Corinthians 3v8. I placed this on the hook that was already in the alcove. As I unpacked our things I unwrapped my beautiful Madonna statue that my dear godmother and best friend, Imelda had given to me as a gift one year.

I had the family prayer on the bottom right and thought this was a fitting place for us to see the prayer a lot. (I had had it on a high shelf near some photos but I thought it was a silly place since nobody could read the prayer – so I moved it to this obvious place.)

Last but not at all least is my angel holy water font. This loveliness alcove is positioned right between the front door and the garage door and so it is in exactly the right spot for us to bless ourselves as we enter or leave the house or simply as we pass by! I often find myself just looking into this place –especially as it has a spotlight above it and I like to keep it lit up at night.

This spot is dear and inspires me to be grateful for my family and to be mindful that I am (indeed we all are) watched over by our Holy Mother and that she is able to watch over me in a way that I haven’t experienced in my life before.

It inspires me to try to be a better mother and though I often make mistakes I can pray and ask for help. This space has indeed helped me to work on all of my family relationships and healing some that I hadn’t anticipated would be open from the other relative for healing.

God is good, God is love and love can overcome everything.

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