Friday, September 22, 2006

A shopping spree.

Have you seen the film "Clueless" ?

The main character in the film goes shopping when feeling down.

I am avoiding a decision :-) so, while the kids were at a movie this morning with Homeschool Teen Group ( they watched Stormbreaker) ~ well, I went shopping .

At Borders.

Above are two of my finds.

I sat and read , sipping coffee at the Borders coffee shop.

Then met the boys and friends for lunch at the Food Hall.

I think Teen Group is just as much fun for mums and younger siblings.

Shopping therapy is pretty good, too.


Cindy said...

HI Leonie-

I chuckled... if I get a 'shopping day' I usually end up at the bookstore, too. lol

What is the sister chicks about? It looks fun. I just began a book by Dodie Smith (of 101 Dalmation fame)- it is called Capture the Castle and is very English and quirky - not for kids really. But it is such a fun departure from my regular reading!

Enjoy your books and praying here for peace with your decisions. God will help you... even if we can't always hear him, he is influencing things...

Cheryl said...

It sounds nice and relaxing. Leonie.

Leonie said...

Cindy - I love Dodie Smith and the book I Capture the Castle. I first read it as a teen and have re-read it several times since then. I always wanted to live in a castle. :)

There is a good movie of the book - came out in about 2004. Its on DVD - we enjoyed it ( one bit of nudity, though).

The Chesterton book is about St Francis . The Sisterchicks is light, frothy fiction - two long term friends leave dhs and kids for a holiday in Finland.

Thanks for the note about God and prayers...

BTW, the Stormbreaker movie has Ewen Macgregor ( Obi Wan from the newer Star Wars) and is a movie version of the first book in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. Have your boys read the series? I like them and so my boys.

Leonie said...

Cheryl - it was fun! I love Homeschool Teen group - last fortnight it was rifle shooting! lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie
Hi Cindy !!!
My favourite shopping too!A leisurely browse - I tend to impulse buy less when I have a decent amount of time to look. A new Borders has opened in Perth - we spent three hours there when we first discovered it.

Ben is reading the Chesterton 'St Francis' - he is enjoying it very much.

Isn't it nice to have a change of books. I have like to switch genres each book. Recently I read Lucky Man - Michael J Fox's autobio, then a Le Carre (Little Drummer Girl political thriller) then a fluffy one that was good but I don't remember the name of it, then Tony Hendra's Father Joe - Tony wrote and edited Spy magazine, National Lampoon magazine (when it was polical satire) and was in This is Spinal Tap. It is about his life and his life long relationship with a Benedictine monk. Now I am juggling Joni Erickson Tada's latest book and St Faustina's Diary. Just bough "the deep end of the Ocean from an op shop so will likely slip that in when not wanting to be 'inspired'. I like variety!!

God Bless

Leonie said...

Shannon, how was Michael J Fox's autobio? J would love it - we all are seriously into those old Back to the Future movies.

I was reading an article today in the SMH about adults who don't grow up - they like books like Harry Potter and go to see the Narnia movies. ( Like me!! )

It is a bit like the old high culture/low culture argument - a moot point, I think.

I believe we can taste it all. And thats the feeling I get from your eclectic reading, Shannon. :-)

Cindy said...

Hey there Shannon!!

So nice to hear from you. I have thought about you often and sent prayers your way. So good to hear your voice.

Yes, I love some light fiction for a change and really enjoyed CTC. Well, except for the end, Leonie. I wanted things a bit more resolved so I made up an ending myself. lol

I know I need more light/fun fiction. I have trouble b/c I don't like wasting my time and just don't like some books that get too much SLV just to try and be cute... iykwim? I like light, but I also like good... I will check out your ideas!

It is so easy to get too serious.. always reading parenting, etc books. That is my natural default. Edifies me, I know, but I can get to be rather a bore. :0

Hey, Leonie, do a post on your favorite fiction sometime in your spare

Your teen group sounds like fun. Did you start this? I like the idea of differetn activities.. the rifle shoot sounds a blast. I was in ROTC briefly in high school and loved the shooting range.

I always like Micheal J Fox.... had thought I'd like to read his autobio, too. Give us a review Shannon if you have minute...

God bless

Leonie said...

Cindy, a group of us started this teen group lst year - around this time of year, I think. Its been fun. Iam going to be the co-ordinator for next year ( assuming we are all still in SYd, that is!).

Anonymous said...

I am happy to send over the Michael J Fox book. Must say that it gave me a very different impresion of him. He is 'rougher' than I thought. He was a serious drinker and swears profusely, a fast living man. I am not sure if he is trying to debunk his image or just wanting to be brutally honest, perhaps actually just an honest account of himself.

The book naturally focuses on his coming to terms with Parkinsons, which he does over many years. He describes his dealing with fame too. It comes across that this was almost as big a hurdle. I had forgotten how 'big' he was in the eighties (he certainly hasn't though) I enjoyed it very much and was moved by his suffering and the tragedy of his disability, but couldn't describe it as inspiring.

Let me know if you want it post over Leonie or Cindy


Leonie said...

Shannon - we'd love to borrow the book - I like Michael J Fox. :-)

Thanks for the offer!