Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hello from Jonathon!

Hey!!! Jonathon here.
Been a while since I was last posting here, so I thought there's no time like the present!
I'm not doing much right now. Just finished work on a new painting. It's called "Escape". Basically, it shows a kid walking through this field, away from his old life and into his new. I'll see if I can post pictures this week. Sadly, it's too big to scan and I'm currently not on speaking terms with our digital camera. It just doesnt understand me.

Tomorow I have youth band again, which should be fun! The members of the band came 'round on friday night and we all watched Back to the Future. I've been practising Michael J Fox guitar playing ever since....

Anyway, I'd better head off to bed. But first, I just want to say thankyou to mum and dad for being the best parents anyone could ever ask for. I know you're going to read this mum, so thankyou!! ;) I really am lucky.

Goodnight everyone! Hope you had as good a week as I did.



Ladybugs said...

Great post, Jonathan!

I think your mom must be pretty cool, too!

After all, she knows how to "get her freak on!"

I love that!

Cindy said...

Hey Jonathan!

So nice to hear from you! I really hope you can scan in your picture. You are encourageing me, as I like to dabble in watercolors and drawing a bit, too. Maybe if I can get my scannar or camera to talk to me I will post something, too. I don't do a lot of original stuff, I usually copy things. I really love the idea of you sharing a feeling or situation through your painting. I will say a prayer for your camera to be compliant. :)

I really like Micheal J Fox, too. Enjoy!

My boys have a blog, but it is all about gaming. I know they would love to have more kids visit it, so if you have time, please drop by. It is

They have not written a personal blog yet, but they are Stephen 16 and Bryan (almost 13) and a lot of their personality does show through in the blog. :)

And yes I think you have cool parents, too. Your mom is one of my favorite people.

Blog more!

Leonie said...

Hey, Jonathon - you sneaky thing, you!

Anonymous said...

so nice to hear from you Johnathon - do you and the camera perhaps need some couples counselling? I have found that a third pary can sometimes shed some light on our differences, preferably a third party that actually speaks the same language as the darn camera/computer/VCR etc. Actually my experience is that I leave said camera and third party to be alone together and make a quick escape......

We have the trilogy on DVD of Back to the Future, I like the first and third but found the second a bit lacking.

Do you work in oils or acrylic? Your painting sounds great, you are at such an exciting stage of life!!