Sunday, September 10, 2006


Someone very kindly loaned my teens a set of record albums from the 1980s.

Alexander has a record player - he asked for one for Christmas last year. These record players are being produced again, in attractive cases, since there is a surge of interest in LPs.

Jonathon is very much into the 80s - 80s music, fashion, movies.

The Eurythmics album 1984 is amongst the collection on loan.

Listening to the song 1984 on Friday night has encouraged discussion this weekend, especially with Anthony ( youngest).

We have talked about the novel 1984 - the premise behind the novel, the plot, digressing to our own thoughts on government and controls and media and Big Brother. And all this is strangely related to the new Dr Who episodes that we watch most Saturday nights.

Plus Good. Double Plus Good. Un-good.

Language and its uses and connotations have been under discussion,too.

I suggested to Anthony that he read 1984 when he is a bit older. While currently listening to some of the LP of the same name.

A mix of music and literature and discussion.


Fr. Benedict M. said...

Has Jonathon looked at

the links are pretty good as well.

Leonie said...

Will do. Thanks for the link.

Leonie said...

BTw - we liked the site - fun! Esp the 80s party theme ideas.