Wednesday, September 20, 2006


“For it seems to me a fact that, in our struggle to make sense out of life, the things we most need to learn are the things we most want to learn. To put this another way, curiosity is hardly ever idle.” - John Holt in How Children Learn .

Children are naturally curious.

And my children are very rarely ever idle.

Right now, curiousity is leading Anthony to read Horrible History and Horrible Science magazines, to writing scenarios and character descriptions for role playing games, to trampolining, to playing the theme from Never Ending Story on the piano, to learning about the Australian states while enjoying the handwriting book he chose from the bookstore Five Senses.

Thomas is into baking bread ( we have a bread machine on loan from a friend who is away), reading about how yeast works and carbon dioxide, enjoying "The Talisman" by Sir Walter Scott, playing collaborative computer games now that our computers are networked and into fitness - specifically weights from the book Toning for Teens.

Alexander's curiousity is steeping him in Latin ( he works on Latin exercises from a text nearly every day), in music and guitar tutorials online, in playing billiards with our new billiards table, in reading "Lord Have Mercy" by Scott Hahn and arguing with Mr Hahn's writing style. ( lol!)

Jonathon is enjoying his current university course ( Text, Image and Culture) and music and blogs and his artwork.

The things these sons most want to learn *do* appear to be those things that they most need to learn ~ right now. I think John Holt was right - curiousity means learning and is not necesarily idle.


Anonymous said...


Have been checking in on and off since you emailed the link to your fantastic site! Love hearing about the children's current passions - encourages me to be more trusting with my own.

Having had so many years of child led 'life' the past eighteen months seem to have been 'controlled' much more - for various reasons - the result being the children feel less free to pursue their interests and waited for 'permission' to do so. The change in mindset has been interesting (and a little sad) to watch. With less less oppportunity to self direct, they get used to not doing it!

Thanks for the bloggs - particularly enjoyed seeing you and the boys getting dressed up for the Parish dinner - our parish dinner is tonight!

Shannon said...

OOPS - just getting the hang of the technology - the post was from Shannon

Leonie said...

Hope your parish dinner is as much fun as ours - what parish are you in now?

Interesting, too, to read your insights re child led and more controlled education.