Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Bangles.

How have we spent part of our "school morning"?

Listening to The Bangles ( record on loan) and watching video clips online of The Bangles and of Bananarama.

The Bangles - Eternal Flame.


Ladybugs said...


I so used to listen to these bands!

How fun!

Leonie said...

It was fun - don't you lvoe the song Eternal Flame? And manic Monday/Walk Like an Eqpytian are happy songs. :-)

I remember Year 10 English at school. We listened to music and analysed the lyrics as poetry.

So, I guess spending time listening to music and watching video clips online can be educational! lol!

Cay in La. said...

The Bangles!
Gosh, I remember them...Walk like an Egyptian!

cheryl said...

Yesterday, I was having a hard homeschooling day. I started singing Manic Monday. Very strange...I haven't sang it since high school, but I remembered the simple lyrics.

Leonie said...

Cay - the video clip of Walk Like an Egyptian is fun - we had a lot of discussion about that one!

Cheryl - how funny that you were singing Manic Monday!