Saturday, September 30, 2006

Refrigerator Strewing

On the fridge this week, for perusal and discussion.

Information on

St Januarius. ( Thanks Fr!)

Amo, amas, amat, etc - Latin. Check out this cool Latin

Poem, chosen by Anthony ~ Matilda by Hillaire Belloc.

The Kumon Honour Roll, with both Jonathon and Alexander on the list. Super!

A multiplication table for Anthony.

And, finally, something extra for me - my current Turbo Jam workout rotation.


Ladybugs said...


This is great!

Love how clean your fridge looks, too!

We're off to soccer, but when we get home...I might be doing just this to my fridge!

Cindy said...

Fun to see your fridge, Leonie!

I agree... it is so neat and clean! But I gave up fridge envy long ago... I may have to get a picture of mine so you can see. It just collects and collects, but then I finally have to remove some stuff.

Love that poem... I got a kick out of it.

Your workout looks tough. I just got home from a double-workout... a hour of strength traning and then 45 min of cardio. Boy my heart must look pretty! :)

Thanks for sharing..

Leonie said...

Maria and Cindy - I hate a lot of clutter so went through long phases of NOTHING on the fridge. We had a bulletin board !

In this house we don't - so I am trying to be judicious about what goes on the front of the firge.

On the sides of the fridge ( where people can't see) is the running shopping list and misc notes! lol!

What a great workout Cindy - one hour and 45 minutes. I just can't find the time for workouts over an hour at this stage of my life. :-( Sometimes I can only do 30 or 45 minutes...

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie--

Well that Saturday workout is the day I work up at the studio which gives me free tuition! I work the desk and sign people up.. so have to be there for 2 classes. Some days I don't get both classes in as I might have a busy desk, but today I did and boy am I tired! :)

Leonie said...

What fun to get a free workout..