Sunday, September 10, 2006

Healthy eating and healthy habits.

"I believe that every body is the ideal body. To be told by anyone that our essential shape or size is wrong or bad is abusive to our soul and damaging to our well-being. It is a cultural disgrace that so much of our media propagandizes against all but a narrow spectrum of body types." -- Todd Walton, Open Yoga

The kids and I have been talking about healthy eating habits. About the food pyramid and adaptations. About fitness and workouts. About body image.

I try not to diet .

I try to keep my diet demons away by healthy eating and working out because, as a young mother in my teens and 20s, I suffered with eating disorders . I was thin. Punk rock thin. Model thin. Unhealthy habits thin. Over workout thin.

I am now in my 40s.

My new fitness journey began in August 2001. After yet another miscarriage and DVT in my legs ( as a result of my genetic blood disorder), I decided I needed to lose weight. I began walking and eating low fat.

In January 2003 I tried Taebo Get Ripped Basic and was hooked.

I kept on working out through more hospital stays, more surgeries, more miscarriages.

In 2005 I had surgery yet again .

I then bought the Taebo Total Body Blast and Bootcamp 1 workouts and the Bootcamp infomercial set - and eventually lots more Taebo and Turbo Jam!

And I re-committed to Taebo and healthy eating in Sept 2005.

I do a lot of different workouts but Taebo is my mainstay. And healthy eating - no dieting.

Taebo has changed me and my family - we are all more into fitness as a result.

Thus our recent discussions.

Don't you love how our lives and homeschooling are one? The kids learn from me and my "issues", from my dh, from life - and I learn from them all.


Ladybugs said...

Wonderful turn "issues" into something positive!

Leonie said...

It is the fun and the unending possibilites of life and of homeschooling, isn't it?