Sunday, September 10, 2006


We were in Canberra this week.

We went ostensibly to see artefacts from Captain Cook's journeys in the Pacific, currently on exhibition at the
National Museum.

Most intriguing - as were all the exhibits and interactive displays at the Museum.

We also managed to catch up with son number two, Gregory. He was in Canberra for work, as Parliament is sitting. We had dinner with Greg on two nights.

And we also enjoyed the War Museum and Questacon yet again.

We were in Canberra last year and it is always worth a visit to Australia's capital. Very educational. Very fun. With our individual journal entries to hold our memories - writing, collage, postcards, drawings.

The weather was cool . Our morning walks showed us some of the natural beauties of the area.

I love trips away from home.


Ladybugs said...

Oh, how great! We are so interested in Captain Cook!

Thanks for the link!

I'm glad you got to enjoy sometime away with your family and ds...

Leonie said...

I hope you enjoy the site - the display was really worth seeing...and the museum was total fun.