Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our Parish had a Dinner Dance last night.

Only the older six people in the family attended - and here are some pics before the event.

The dinner dance was fun!

Luke, Greg and Nick were here from Adelaide and they shared a table with Jonathon and some others from our parish Youth Group.

Gerry and I were at a table with some homeschooling couples.

I met these friends last year , when we moved to Sydney and through a local homeschooling group.

Our friends attend an evangelical AOG church and one friend said , while dancing last night ~ " Five years ago, I would never have imagined that we would go to a Catholic Dinner Dance - we just didn't know any Catholics. "

Another laughed and said she could have never imagined dancing with a priest - but she did and thought it was cool.

We all had a super time.

It is so excellent to have a time when friends can share their lives and faith and similarities and differences. While having a night of entertainment.

I had a few too many Bombay Gin and tonics.

And had a fantastic time dancing ( I love to "get my freak on", to quote Chalene Johnson. lol!).


Ladybugs said...

You and yours would be fun to go dancing with!

I'm the only homeschooling Mama - aside from you now - that knows how to "get her freak on!" LOL...

Maybe there's some closet freakers out there!

Wish I lived closer! But maybe we'd have too much fun! LOL!

Ladybugs said...

Well, my oldest saw the pictures of your boys and said, "Wow! Those Australian guys are really cute!"

Leonie said...

Maria - my most fave homeschool friends love to dance. :-)

I told my boys about your dd's coments - they smiled. lol!

Faith said...

What a handsome family! And you all sound fun to hang with too!



Cindy said...

What a dapper group and you look lovely, Leonie.

Thanks for sharing!
( I see your cat in your photo... looks like she is getting ready to dance, too.. lol)

Leonie said...

Thanks Faith - we certainly had fun - but Nick and Greg ( pics one and two) are not really into dancing. I made Greg dance with me. :-)

Cindy - I love the cat in the pic. Had to post that one!

Cay in La. said...

Wow! You are one lucky dame...
one dame with five male escorts.
How lucky can one gal get?

Leonie said...

Pretty cool, huh? :-)

andrea said...

Hi Leonie, thanks for stopping by my xanga and leaving a comment!!! What handsome men you have around lol :-) How fun!!

Leonie said...

You're welcome Andrea! Enjoy the 4 real boards! :-)