Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Can you believe it?

We recently celebrated Father's Day.

My dh ( Gerry) LOVES trifle. It is his absolute ultimate dessert.

And I just about never make trifle - it is unhealthy, it is fiddly. So the litany goes.

I promised Gerry that he would have trifle on Father's Day.

In the busyness of playing mini golf as a family and giving gifts and making curry and acompaniments for dinner - I forgot to make the trifle.

Can you believe it?

Oh, well, thank heaven for an understanding dh.

Now you know he didn't marry me for my cooking ( hah!).

P.S. I *am* making trifle this weekend. Don't worry!


Ladybugs said...

My kids love trifle, too...

I haven't made it, though...

Can you post the recipe?

Leonie said...

Gerry likes the traditonal English recipe - there is one at Delia's website.

Instead of jam, we use port wine jelly.

Instead of raspberries and banana, dh likes fruit salad.

Traditional Trifle