Monday, September 04, 2006

Elegant Simplicity and Bedrooms.

The new Loveliness Fair is set to go.

Elegance. Simplicity. Bedrooms.

Elegant - one dictionary has this definition ~ "satisfyingly and often ingeniously neat, simple, or concise".

I like things relatively neat and simple. While making allowances for the many varied personalities in our home.

Simplicity - "lack of complexity, complication, or difficulty".

Ah, this sounds more and more like my ideal home and life.

Not that I achieve these in all areas. But there *is* a goal.

Above is an example of how I (currently) envisage elegant simplicity in the main bedroom - via bright, smiley, pick-me-up colours.


Ladybugs said...

Juliana just came in and saw your bed.

She said, "Ohhhh, I like that bed."

And I said, "Me, too."

Very nice.

Leonie said...

Thanks - I am going through a "brights" stage. :-)