Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Visit.

A visit ~ on the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas. Doctor of the Church.

We had a mini debate over St Thomas - there are those of us in the family who like his writings and those of us ambivalent about some of the saint's thoughts. Hey, St Thomas made a great contribution but his writings were not infallible, right?

Our visit today was to Mary Mackillop Place. Wow, the museum was interesting - for me, as I recently finished reading a biography of Blessed Mary Mackillop. And for all of us, since we have lived in South Australia and many of the places portrayed were familiar to us.
We even used to live in Walkerville, where the early Sisters of St Joseph had the Girls' Orphanage. Used to go to a Latin Mass on Saturday mornings at St Lawrence's in North Adelaide, a church dedicated to Fr Julian Woods, Mary's friend and spiritual director.

Those little rabbit trails and connections and swirls of learning....

I prayed at the Chapel at Mary Mackillop Place. I had a lot of prayer intentions and my very patient family waited outside, in the courtyard and coffee shop.

Woo hoo! I left the Chapel very, very excited ( I know, I am weird!) ~ and also at peace. Excited because I had finally visited the Chapel, something I have wanted to do since we moved to Sydney in 2005. Yet something that I never had managed to do - up to now. Different things always thwarted my plans.

But not today.

We are going, I had announced to everyone last week. And go we did.

Sometimes I am a didactic forceful mother. ( Cringes.)

But I felt at peace, after the quiet and prayers. A peace that probably lasted all of ten minutes, until I started texting and talking. Again.

Blessed Mary Mackillop was a strong woman and a woman of strong faith. I admire such strength and such faith, especially in the face of adversity and in perplexing times.

Recently, I have blogged on gratitude. Recently I have had a penchant for blogging quotes from saints.

So, let me post ~ Gratitude is the memory of the heart...Bl. Mary Mackillop


Anonymous said...

A sprinkle of maternal discipline hardly makes you a didactic forceful mother! try living with an Italian mother! lol BLV

Leonie said...

lol! But I was pretty bossy - you should've see their faces when we arrived. SO not happy - but they did end up enjoying the trip. Or so I'm told...

Julie said...

I remember you mentioning how you really wanted to visit here...I'm so glad you got to go!