Saturday, January 17, 2009

That Blank Page

Jennifer began her yearly accountability blog, writing her life on a blank page. Making herself read it. Doing something about it.

After work meetings yesterday, I stood , waiting for the car to come, chilly with the wind blowing around me, thinking of all the things I want to fix up in my life.

I have a super life. Really. Wouldn't swap places with anyone else.

But if I was to write that blank page, there are things I'd need to write. Things I'd need to re-read and work on. Things I'd need to hold myself accountable for.

And things I feel I want to work on at my Kumon Centre, with thoughts swirling around after the work consultation.

My one word for this year is LOVE. Right.

But my habits?

This year, what are some of the things I need to do, in the areas I feel need fixing up?

Check goals and budget
Stick to plan ( Ha!)
Think before spending ( Double Ha!)

Keep weight goal in mind
Mindful eating
Calories or plan
Workout ( cardio and weights)

Unschool mindset
Saying yes to dh and kids rather than disagreeing (dh) or barking out orders (kids)

Extra assistant
Feedback wall assistants
Me on the spot feedback and observe
Communication ( students and parents re vision)
Number board/CD/oral reading days and at initial info meetings

Maybe you have a blank page that needs writing? Have a look at Lisa's Deliberate Living Family Report Card...


Purpleflowerpatch said...

If only we could convince ourselves to LOVE a budget... ;-) I was thinking how you love to work out (oh pleeeease pray that I find that love too) and thought why can't we transfer those 'loves' to areas of our life where we struggle??
If I work out (and I need to!) I feel great because I see the difference in my body - increased strength, mobility, wellbeing - so in comparison I should be thrilled to see the benefits evident in my budget 'workout'. I'm actually going to visualise that, Leonie.
See...your workouts inspire in ways you may not have thought. ;-) (I'm serious about the prayer for me to LOVE exercise,btw ...;-)

Leonie said...

The key for me with workots has been finding workouts I love will you find the same....Now, wrt budgets, I love spending not budgeting! lol! So just as I am learning to think before I eat so I hope to learn to think before I spend....

Julie said...

Bingo! There it goes again!
Accountability is a big, important and powerful world...Reassessing according to the goals helps heaps!Love your honesty, Leonie!

Julie said...

Sorry...meant to say "word' not 'world'...