Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How Not 2 Colour Your Hair

Had medical tests today. More Friday. Maybe more next week.

Took kids to the beach after. Super! I love the waves.The sun. Bodysurfing. Being dumped by the big waves.

Made me feel alive.

So in a positive frame of mind I purchased some hair colour and decided to put a new colour through my hair.

Hopped in the shower. Then thought I'd better read the instructions. I never read instructions for anything. But one has to start somewhere.

Oh. No. You are supposed to start with dry clean hair. I now had wet unclean post beach hair.

I figured it wouldn't matter much so went ahead.

Apply gloves. Okay. Turn off shower. Attempt to put on plastic gloves.

Frak. How do you get them on? I couldn't get my fingers aligned. Got a hole in the thumb area. Great, I thought. Now I will just get colour on my hand. Always wanted dark hands with a purple tinge. Cos that's the colour I chose for my hair.

Still in that positive frame of my mind, I set to work on mixing the colour. Was it all squeezed out? Was it all mixed? Was it to be a creamy shade with purple streaks or should it be all purple-y?

Persevering I applied the colour to my hair. Thank heavens I wasn't wearing my clothes. I dropped some dye. A purplish streak loomed across my navel. Wiping it off I smudged a spot onto the bathroom sink. Smeared this away and onto the bathroom counter. Good. Time to re- colour the bathroom in this rented house anyway!

Okay. Instructions said to wait 20 minutes. I started in on paperwork and folders for my Kumon centre, putting the waiting time to good use....30 minutes and several phone text interruptions later I shrieked! What would happen! I had left the dye in too long! Would I turn into a pumpkin? Or worse. Would I end up looking like a drag queen with freaky hair to match my purple nail polish?

Well, I certainly don't look like the next lead for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thankfully. My hair is okay. Dark. You can see a touch of purple in some lights. And the bathroom survived.

And I am still in that positive frame of mind.

Just don't come to me for Colour Your Hair Instructions.


Mary G said...

Leonie -- you are a joy to read: always so positive and upbeat!

Blessings and glad the hair dye worked.

Chris said...

Can't wait to see the new colour. Glad it turned out successfully.

danielle said...

LOL!! Not as easy as you'd think, right? The end result is what matters, and it sounded very exctiting getting there.

Hopewell said...

Hilarious! I'm reminded of the scene early in "Educating Rita" where she remembers a client under the drier and says something like "she'll look like a bl--din' Muppet!"

Leonie said...

lol! Glad you enjoyed my story - my hair looks okay, I guess. But am reminded why I usually go to the hairdresser for this sort of thing...

Julie said...


Greg said...

Yes, it looks pretty super actually! Reminds me, I have to go to that website you mentioned to me where I can upload a photo and try different hairstyles on myself.