Friday, January 23, 2009

Australia Day weekend

The start of the Australia Day weekend. Remember the arrival and settlement of Europeans in Australia.

Read about St Timothy and St Titus.


Be mindful of our weakness, almighty God, and since the burden of our deeds is grievous to us, grant that the glorious intercession of blessed Timothy, Your servant and bishop, may protect us.

Visiting Wollongong. After an eventful drive down last night. Left after Kumon and a quick 8pm-ish fast food dinner. Took a wrong turning yet again and only went 100 km out of our way...I did yoga this morning in the hotel, a piped in class through the hotel network TV, and felt a lot less stressed.

Today we had a tour of Bluescope Steel, Australia Industry World. Wow. I liked the human side of the story ~ Steeltown, families working for the company generation after generation....Also interesting to see the steel slabs and rolling and stretching....The exothermic reaction...And we got to wear full protective gear. Move over Bob the Builder!

Great lunch, too much delicious food, and a walk along Port Kembla beach. To walk out those lunch calories. Splash in the water. Collect a few shells. Make up stories based on the tracks in the sand.

And now we are journalling, doing some sketches in nature journals, blogging.

Yes, Mabel, unschoolers journal and do educational tours on holiday. We really do live and learn!


Chris said...

OK I'm ignorant. Please educate me. Who is Mabel?
Your trip down sounds typical of the scenic tours you run as I recall a trip to IKEA. I love it. LOL!
I really do love that area. I think the tiny miners cottages at Coledale are gorgeous, the mountains are majestic and close to the sea.

Hopewell said...

Ack!! Forgot to back the Lamingtons and Anzac bars. Was going to make Pavolova for a "snow" desert for nature study--will that do????

Leonie said...

Mabel is a pseudonym for a friend - a friend who teases me about unschooling - she knows who she is! And , yes, the area is gorgeous..Lisa, you are so up on Aussie food - and thanks for the nudge. Think I'll make some lamingtons with Anthony.