Thursday, January 08, 2009

Epiphany-tide ?

The Epiphany. January 6. We remember the visit of the Three Kings to the Child Jesus.

COLLECT - O God, who on this day, didst manifest Thine only-begotten Son to the Gentiles by the guidance of a star: graciously grant, that we, who know Thee now by faith, may be led on even to contemplate the beauty of Thy Majesty. Through the same Jesus Christ, . . .

So here we are in Ephipany-tide. Not really a word yet I like it's usage!

Epiphany means manifestation. What the Church celebrates is the manifestation of our Lord to the whole world; after being made known to the shepherds of Bethlehem he is revealed to the Magi who have come from the east to adore Him....the Magi lead in their wake all the peoples of the earth, and thus the Epiphany is an affirmation of universal salvation..The St Andrew Daily Missal 1961

Today we had the Epiphany house blessing, of which I blogged last year.

And Thomas and I have started to make, before work, some Three Kings Bread, using a recipe shared on Facebook.

Isn't technology great? A friend in Canada, shares a recipe on Facebook and we try it here in Australia.


Stephanie said...

Epiphanytide IS a word! Honestly, it is! Anglicans use it all the time. We have Advent, Christmastide, Epiphanytide, Lent, Eastertide, Whitsuntide, and Trinitytide. Just this year I found out about the three manifestations traditional to Epiphany, by the way, and I am entranced by this idea. Epiphany is:

Manifestation to the Gentiles (3 kings)
Manifestation by the first miracle at Cana
Manifestation at His baptism in the Jordan river

Did you know about that? John Chrysostom talks about it, and somehow it tugs at my heart a bit. It seems so ... um ... generous, I guess. Jesus just kept being more and more exposed to US. To humanity. All of it. It seems to vulnerable and so very generous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leonie, did you know your magnificent blog is now listed as one of the Catholic blogs to see on Australia Incognita!!! wow! BLV

Leonie said...

Ste[hanie - thank you! Love the St John Chrysostom connection...And no, I didn't know about the blog link...

Anonymous said...


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