Monday, January 12, 2009

Beginning of Ordinary TIme

According to my calendar, today marks the beginning of Ordinary Time in the liturgical year.

In the context of the liturgical year the term "ordinary" does not mean "usual or average." Ordinary here means "not seasonal." Ordinary Time is that part of the Liturgical Year that lies outside the seasons of Lent-Easter and Advent-Christmas. In Ordinary Time, the Church celebrates the mystery of Christ not in one specific aspect but in all its aspects. The readings during the liturgies of Ordinary Time help to instruct us on how to live out our Christian faith in our daily lives.

Isn't that inspiring? The readings, the liturgy help us live our faith, day to day.

Definitely sharing this thought with the kids.

The term Ordinary Time is intended to translate the Latin term Tempus per annum - time through the year.

Ordinary Time. Living our faith. Learning about our faith. Bumbling and stumbling together. Laughter. Some tears. Some anger. Prayer. Mess. Friends. Work. Play. A very little rest. ( Knowing me.)



Greg said...

It's interesting actually. I used to think Ordinary Time was boring. But you're right, the readings etc can actually be more useful than in special seasons: then they're concentrating on a particular aspect of doctrine, but in OT it's general living.

Anonymous said...

hey nice pic of MY vestments! lo BLV