Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why do you blog?

I was reading a blog the other week - on thoughts on blogging.

What makes a good blog?

Why do we blog? What makes a good blog, a great blog - or does that even matter? It's not a competition, is it?

We blog simply as a way of keeping in touch.

We have moved. A lot. The blog helps us connect with friends and family - and especially with our older sons, living interstate.

We also share with our internet friends - new and old.

So, by this definition, our blog isn't good or great - it is just us. Telling a little bit about our weeks and our homeschooling and our reading and movies and activities.

Why do you blog?


Susan said...

I blog as a way of collecting my thoughts and processing them. It certainly isnt because I think my opinion is spot on or antyhing like that. It's also a way for me to share the what and how of what we do in a lifestyle of learning, as I get asked similar questions repeatedly so thought a blog would be a good place to store things.

Also, it encourages my children to write in their own blogs.

Susan <><

Leonie said...

You are right - blogging is a good way to model writing. I hope to get my kids to blog this term....

And your blog is especially encouraging for new homeschoolers, Susan. Thanks for sharing.

After reading the other blog entry ( on blogging), I was just so curious about what makes people blog. I sometimes think that becasue I like to talk , blogging is an extension of that! lol!

Cindy said...


It is so funny I just read this on your blog.. and just this morning had posted why I blog on my blog! Our minds must be in the same wavelength these days.. lol)

Leonie said...

I'm off to check your blog, Cindy!

Teena said...

well, since I am the one who posted that blog LOL! I was curious and wondered what everyone thought. I love to blog. I do not want to be boring though. I love to share what works for us and give links to what others like and do.... and to talk about different things. I like to keep up with friends and meet new bloggers (like YOU!) and let others know what the Lord has done and is doing in my life. I was surprised to find you mentioned me here. Hope you have a great day~ and thanks for visiting my blog!

Leonie said...

Hey, Teena - thanks for visiting. I really like your blog - and your post on blogging inspired some thinking. Hope you don't mind the link. :-)