Sunday, July 09, 2006

Harry Potter

This week is mid year school holidays for the school system. While many of our usual homeschool activites cease for the school hols, we find that we still homeschool - we still read, do some Maths, do some writing, do activities, watch movies and talk.

We "school" ( homeschool/unschool) year round...

Over the course of this week, we have been watching the Harry Potter movies. Again.

And discussing the characters, their growth and change. The differences between the books and movies - the pathos we feel when we read about Cedric's death in book number 4 ( I cried). Was that same degree of pathos captured in the film?

The different directors each built a slightly different set and thus created a smidgen of difference in the films.

What was our favourite HP book - and why?

So our talk has flowed. Isn't this the beauty of homeschooling - the learning and talking never ends.

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