Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Middle Ages

An update on our Middle Ages rabbit trail. Alexander is writing a book called "On Architecture" - it is about the architecture of the medieval world.

The castle ( via Thomas and Anthony , with some help from Dad) is still in its early stages.

And here is one of Thomas' shields - he has been reading a bit about heraldry ( and arms and armoury - the Middle Ages from a military viewpoint? !).


Anonymous said...

Dd asked if it was a Real Shield, but it would be quite an undertaking, wouldn't it, to make a metal shield.I'm interested in heraldry myself, and recently bought Design Your Own Coat of Arms An Introduction to Heraldry (Dover Books), but like many things, I haven't had or made the time to get into it.

Leonie said...

The kids wish it was! But its made of heavy cardboard and laminated so can withstand some work. :-)

Alice said...

Leonie, I love this! We studied the Middle Ages last year, but I did not do nearly as many memorable hands on projects as I would have liked. Thank you for yet another inspiring thread.

Leonie said...

hey, Alice, the Ashton Scholastic Hands-On History series have very many easy to use hands on activities. We've been looking through the one on the Middle Ages.