Sunday, July 09, 2006

My current passions.

My two current passions are my two FAVE workouts.

I do these on DVD as home workouts but both are available in gyms as classes. Home workouts suit this homechooler's schedule better, right now....And her budget.

Tae Bo has has been a long time favourite.Billy Blanks really works you hard and is a great inspiration.

Billy Blanks and Taebo

Taebo fan's page

Turbo Jam is a new fun workout for me - its like dance and kickboxing together.
Turbo Jam

And Chalene's TJ blog

Am I a workout addict or what? My early morning workout is my daily time for me - before the busyness of the day begins. I never miss a day - I love it so much and have a fun time. I feel like a kid again - and if my kids are awake they like watching me workout or trying to outdo me in push ups or sit ups or punches and kicks.

Tae Bo even has a kids' workout. Way cool, baby doll! ( lol!)


Susan said...

Do you purchase your dvd's or are you able to borrow them from the library? If you purchase them, where do you get them?

Susan <><

Leonie said...

I bought mine. I figured out it was much cheaper than a gym membership or doing casual clases at the gym - I have them forever!

The Tae Bo ones I can get from K Mart or Target or from Home Fitness Delivered.

I have also purchased some from ebay. I got my Turbo Jams from ebay.

Am I addicted? lol!

Luke said...

I'd have to say that yes, you certainly are addicted. :)

But I could think of worse things than fitness.

I still really enjoy the Billy Blanks quote about discipline - I need to try and follow it more myself...

Cindy said...

Wooo Hoooo!

You go girl! :-)

Leonie said...

Thanks Cindy - and Luke, you KNOW I am addicted!

Bily Blanks always inspiures me - his discipline quote is good, isn't it? I put it in my Kumon newsletter this month.

Chalene from TJ also talkes about somethign similar - can be applied to fitness or whatever - the acronym W.I.W.M. ( What I want most).

Cindy said...

Maybe you have a suggetion- I have some workout videos, but after a while they get stale (watching them over and over)- which is one reason I went to live classes at the studio. But I do like the convience of at home.

Any suggestions?