Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yes, I do housework.

Often I get inspired by something - an event, a person, a book, a desire.

On the weekend, I ws inspired by music. Listening to loud happy music makes housework extra fun.

I swept outside - the porch and patio.

I used carpet shampoo on the sitting room carpet. Replacing the furniture in the room created a desire to re-arrange the furniture. So, now our sitting room has a different look.

With Good Charlotte blaring from the CD player, I started on the family room and the dining room. Moved the furniture around there. And enlisted the help of Thomas and Alexander and dh.

Then I moved to the main bedroom - hmm, it needed some sprucing and a touch of beautifying, too.

It feels nice to be sitting in new rooms, well, the same rooms but with a different twist. A makeover?


Fr. Benedict M. said...

There's a Franciscan friary around the corner that can do with a bit of help...any takers!!! :-)

Leonie said...

Why - do you like Good Charlotte??