Sunday, July 09, 2006


This term, in our homeschool group - Group Learning - we are studying Chemistry. I think it will have a focus on cooking and kitchen chemistry.

I am thinking about follow up activities at home. We have some Chemistry textbooks and Alexander ( just turned 15! last week!) can use those as a framework. We can all do many of the experiments from these books.

I thought it might be fun to look at some famous scientists. I know Nicholas ( son number 3) wrote a book with bios of several famous scientists, and illustrations, when he was around twelve. Luke ( son number 1) wrote a Chemistry book for younger students, when he was around 15.

[We write a book each year , based on Valerie Bendt's book "Creating Books With Children.]

Anyway, I don't think we'll be making books this term. But I have found some fun Chemistry related websites - and am open to more website suggestions. :-)

A Chemistry based lesson plan, using Dr Seuss books

A Chemistry portal - many good ideas here

Mind you, this all fits in with our recent Harry Potter movie/discussion marathon - we could look at Chemistry and the HP books! Hence the pic...


Theresa said...

Have you seen the book "The Science of Harry Potter"? It gives possible "scientific explanations" for the magical events in the Harry Potter books. Could fit in well with what you are doing. Could be just for kicks!

Leonie said...

Thanks, Theresa - we read parts of that book last year. Also "The Physics of Star Trek" and 'The Science of Star Wars. " :-)