Monday, July 31, 2006


It is lunch time. Everyone is waiting for lunch. And I am blogging on metacognition.

The boys and I had a long discussion on metacognition this morning.

It started with a note to self in my diary - maths journals.

I visited this site and found the lesson on metacognition.

And introduced this to my sons.

Wham! The discussion started.

Thinking about thinking? What about discussing discussion ( metadiscussions)?

I posed the problem - what are our thought processes when choosing clothes to wear -
or food to eat (for example, at a fast food restaurant)?

One son flatly denied having any thought processes! Huh? We all jumped in and proved him wrong ( nicely I hope, although our discussions can get quite heated).

Anthony (10 and youngest) discussed his choosing clothing thought processes - it was an eye opener for the rest of us.

Jonathon's thought processes on clothing were interesting - very image centred.

Are mine? Probably. ( Blushes)

We found more info on metacognition.

And a quote from Edward de Bono - "unless you know everything, what you need is thinking".

The boys wrote in their journals and I blogged ( am blogging).


Dawn said...

Wonderful, Leonie! Thank you for the link *and* the peek into your family's discussion. :)

Leonie said...

If you end up doing the metacognition activity in your maths journals - let me know how it goes!

Cindy said...

This is cool, Leonie.. so many neat things to look into. This will be my 'after I clean the house' treat for today. :)