Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bragging rights!

Son number five ( Alexander - just turned 15 last week...) has won a writing competition! He is one of five secondary school age winners from Australia.

This was run by Kumon Education Australia and the theme was "World Peace and Me".

Kumon Education aims to contribute to nation building and world peace through education of the whole child. Thus the theme.

Alexander's work will be displayed in Bangkok at the Conference in August. His work may also be used as part of Kumon's promotions.

And here is his poem....

“They create a desolation, and call it peace”

A desolation they call peace,
Floating on the breeze.
Tearing through the streets,
Softly whistling through the trees.

A desolation they call peace,
Means nothing to you or me.
Peace is sharing, peace is caring,
Education for you and me.

A desolation they call peace,
Disappears without a trace.
A tear slowly forms,
Then trickles down a face.

We look for friendship,
Togetherness at least.
Instead they create
a desolation and call it peace.

* Tacitus was a prominent historian of Roman antiquity, with his style as an author characterized by an uncompromising boldness, and a sharpness of wit. The above quote, from his book Agricola, is influential when thinking about peace.

Funnily enough, the theme makes me smile because I remember the film Miss Congeniality - Sandra Bullock and the beauty pageant applicants ALL want world peace!


myende said...


i can't wait to see your son's poem in Bangkok. I'll be attending the conference. It's a beautiful poem. Congratulate him for me.

Theresa said...

Wonderful! Gave me chills!

Amy said...

Congratulations to him! That is a fantastic poem!

Cindy said...

Wonderful job, Alexander.

Congratulations well deserved!

Leonie said...

Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes...myende you are lucky to be going to Bangkok!

Luke said...

I found the poem to be very uplifting. ;)

Leonie said...

As in Miss Congenialty uplifting? "all I want is world peace..."

myende said...

thanks for visiting my blog leonie. I was in the Sydney Instructors' conference as a guest in year 2003 and in 2004 my team and I presented in the very first KAO conference in Cairns. Cairns was so so so nice. I love Sydney too!!!!!! I have a few instructor friends in Sydney. Hope to meet you one day.

Kristina's World said...

What a terrific poem. Bravo Alexander!

Anonymous said...

I found it light of the war now ablaze in the middle east.

Teena said...

just stopping by to say HI~ thanks for visiting my blog

and way to go on your son! YAY!


Fr. Benedict M. said...

Excellent Alexander, peace must never be an abstract concept. Bravo!