Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On dominoes and blogging

Last night, T found our old dominoes set. A looked up the rules and variations in Hoyle's Book of Games. The T wanted us to play a game.

It was late - ten p.m. I was tired . But I am glad that I got on the rug to play, as we had a fun game, full of conversation and connections. A nice way to spend time together before bed.

We put the dominoes on the breakfast bar in order to play more games today. After folding the newspapers for the boys' newspaper round.

Playing dominoes with some of the kids made me feel less tired.

In a way, I thought that spending time with the dominoes game was a lot like blogging our family's homeschooling - it is in blogging that I sometimes see the learning and family relationships. Playing dominoes gave me joy and energy. Blogging our days allows me to see the big picture.

There is a tendency in blogging to write only about the good times, the not tired or cross times. It is interesting to me that this seems to happens simply because those are the times I remember - the frustrating times pass.

How do we turn around a day of irritation and crossness? For me, it often becomes an act of will. I remember the educator Charlotte Mason and her motto - 'I am, I can, I ought, I will."

I will myself to change the day around, my attitude around. I explain this to my children and encourage them to do the same.

A good way for us to get over the doldrums or crossness or frustration is to do something completely different. Either in the home or out.

Perhaps a picnic on the sitting room floor. Have a light sabre championship or play croquet or other sport.Turn the trampoline upside down and play games on it. Go for a walk. Cook something fun. Go to the shops or to a museum or a park or the library. Grab a snack or meal out. Bring down some old toys or cratfs to play and build. Buy some new toys or games or paints or pencils. Dance to music. Sing and play an instrument. Watch a video. Play Tekken on the Playstation.


Later, perhaps, we can work on the source of the problem but the immediate solution, for us, is to break the cross mould!


Greg said...

Yes, I agree that you can alter your mood, and the "feel" of a day if you are determined to - the trouble I often have is revelling in the negative feelings! You get in the sort of mood where you are simultaneously thinking that you should just snap out of it, and that with a modicum of effort you would be happy againg, and at the same time thinking that you don't want that result. You would rather sulk or be angry or depressed, even though you know that is the wrong thing to do - and stupid too!

Leonie said...

I didn't know that about you ( the revelling in the bad feelings). Some other members of the family but not you! lol!

Personally, I don't like to revel in the bad - I tend to get over things easy,iykwim?