Monday, September 26, 2005


Anny and T have become quite interested in weather and weather patterns.

This interest began with discussions about the local drought. A homeschool mother also shared stories of floods in our area, floods that happened over ten years ago. I must admit that the thought of floods had us all pondering escape routes!

Then the news of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita spurred more discussion and interest - and we borrowed a book from the library titled "Howling Hurricanes".

I noticed some unusual cloud formations and A and I talked about clouds - cirro-cumulus, cirrus, cumuls, cumulo-nimbus. We remembered reading about this an old Ladybird book called 'The Story of Weather".

A dug this book out from our "Ladybird bookshelves" ( in Anny's room) and the book is now on display for perusal in the kitchen.

At the shopping centre yesterday G spotted a Smithsonian weather station science kit. It was on special, so we bought it, to further ignite the weather interest. T and Anny set it up today and G printed some weather charts from the internet.

We began our recordings and observations today.

For me, all this has a feeling of deja vu. I remember the older boys - L, G, N - having a weather station and keeping a record chart. Was that when we lived in Wembley?

Lots of helpful charts here, including a weather chart -


LYL said...

Hi Leonie!

Louise, from Adelaide here.

On a totally unrelated topic - how did you get your comments option to work? I've not yet been able to do this. Hope Life in Sydney is good. It sounds like you're all having a fun time!

Leonie said...

Hi Louise!

I didn't know you had a blog.:-)

The options for comments are at the edit and change settings page, after you log into Blogger.