Saturday, September 24, 2005


I was asked to do the "lollipop" learning station at group learning today - the theme was inventions and inventors.

The boys and I had a practice run last night, after teen group and a visit from friends. We found some interesting history about the word lollipop and the first lollipop machines. We also learned about the crystalline structure of lollipops - it is amorphous and thus similar to glass, a non orderly arrangement of atoms. This means that the candy will not shatter into many pieces when one takes a bite.

We also adapted the lollipop recipe and made it simpler. Basically, we eliminated the corn syrup and the cream of tartar - it still worked fine, with and without moulds.

We made red and green lollipops, with lemon essence.

The history of lollipops -

The original lollipop recipe, before our adaptations -


Mary G said...


Hi, I just came over from the 4real board. I feel like I know you even though you're thousands of miles away and a continent-and-a-half away!

Anyway, just wanted to say how cool the lollipop lesson sounded. What a great idea! Also, the exploratorium site you linked is great for all kinds of fascinating rabbit trails.....thanks so much!

Mary G in Greenville, SC
(the one who wants you to come to tea and help be become a "true" unschooler!)

Leonie said...


Wouldn't it be great to share tea!

The exploratorium site is great, isn't it? We would like to try more recipes from there.

Thanks for your comment.