Monday, September 05, 2005

The Life Aquatic

Well, I ( Jonathon) finally finished off The Life Aquatic........I was actually really impressed by it!
However, I'll start with the film's faults. The most major of these is probably that it is very slow
for the first half of the film, with almost nothing but straight out weirdness to sustain it.
The second fault is that it is probably too weird for most people, deinately an alternative film.

But if you can get past the weirdness and the first half, you'll love this film.
The film begins with Steve Zissou (Bill Murray), oceanographer and documentary filmmaker attending the premier of his newest film, part one of a documentary on the "Jaguar Shark".

At the climax of the (rather fake looking) documentary, Zissou's partner, is killed by the shark.
In the question time after the film, Zissou is asked what part two of the documentary will be about. He tells the audience he is going to kill the jaguar shark, he doesn't know how, maybe dynamite. Someone asks what scientific purpose this will serve.

"Revenge" he replies.

The documentary is a flop, everyone is cutting Zissou's funding, no-one has any real faith in his ability as a filmmaker. As he prepares for the new adventure, he is contacted by a son he didn't know he had.....Ned (Owen Wilson).

Finally, with his life falling apart around him, his wife having left him, Zissou recruits Ned as a sponsor and crew member and sets off.

The adventures that follow include pirates, annoying ex friends, thievery, and ultimately tragedy.

The end of the film is perhaps the best part, sad, meaningful, funny, everything a climax needs.
Including a final understanding of just who Zissou is.

This was a good film.


Greg said...

Just managed to recover my username and password - forgot the stupid things! Very annoying...

TLA sounds good - good enough to be worth re-viewing when we come over next? Bill Murray and Owen Wilson are promising. I've never seen them acting together though. Haven't seen The Royal Tenenbaums yet!

Leonie said...

Hey, Jonathon here...

Yeah, TLA was great, really
Although Owen wilson dies in the end :(

Royal Tannenbaums is still on my hit list, it just looks so funny.
Of course, it's also on mum's not appropriate list, but where there's a will.....
You guys seen anything new lately?