Friday, September 16, 2005


I keep a folder of great ideas and activities from the internet. I also throw in any fun worksheets that people pass on or I pick up.

This is kind of an activity folder, for the kids to peruse when they are looking for ideas. I have another folder with all those wondeful posts on life and homeschooling - you know, ideas and inspiration for me.

Both need regular sorting.

So, yesterday, I started sorting. Doing so meant that the children became interested in the folder and activities.

T found a sheet with a problem solving activity - make a cotton ball catapult using only a ruler, tape, plastic spoon, two rubber bands. He had fun! And also a bit of frustration.

A made an icosahedron, with paper and a compass and scissors and tape.



Jo said...

Leonie, I think all this filing of papers and ideas is where I come unstuck. I hate clutter and piles of paper, filed or not. Maybe this is your secret for endless ideas, or is it your endless years of homeschooling. Actually, I do have boxes of old school teacher resources, but going through it throws me back into a schooling mode, so I try and avoid it. At some point I will be brave enough to throw it all out.

Leonie said...

I hate clutter, too. That is why I file things - and then sort regularly!