Saturday, September 24, 2005

My photographs.....

Hey all, I'm back!

Thought I'd just let you in on what's happening lately.
First of all, you might remember a few posts back when I said I was thinking of setting up
my clothing company? Well, it's slowly taking shape.....I've got a few good designs, including one
with some text saying "FEUD" which I like. My first step at the moment is to put together a
design sheet which will display the shirts. For that, I'm going to need to take some photographs
of myself or someone else, and modify them in photoshop, just to kind of model the clothes.

So today we were all at group learning, the last one of the term! Just finishing off our design projects that we've been working on, like Alexander's logo and my shirt, and Thomas' lunch box. At the end, we had a man whose career has actually been design, mainly in lighting, talk to us about how he's done things and his design process....pretty interesting actually!

And on to the final section of my posts, the "What I'm Into" section.

I've been reading "Because of Winn Dixie", a book about a preacher's daughter named Opal and her foundling pet dog. The book follows the summer of when Opal found the dog and named him Winn Dixie, and all the good things that happen because of him.

The art I like right now is a lot of stuff by the cartoonist John Kovalic, a really funny guy.
His work always makes me laugh, no matter what. I'm also into art by Billy Martin, he draws a lot of stuff reminiscent of the art in Dr. Seuss. Sounds strange, but it's actually really good.
Wish I could post a link, but unfortunately his website isn't finished yet. Maybe next month though.

I'm getting back into the band "Mest" now. I picked up one of their records a while ago, but now it's finally growing on me, especially the tracks "Shell of Myself" and "Lost and Confused".
Their new album "Photographs" comes out next month, so I'm looking forward to that.
I'm also really enjoying a lot of jazz, especially Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. Brubeck's album "Take 5" is really a masterpiece of 50's "cool jazz", as they call it. Very laid back and relaxed.
Music to go to sleep to. When the slow lilting piano on Take 5 gives way to the soft gentle drum solo in the middle, you really want to just listen to it forever. Very good.

Well, it's getting late where I am right now, time to head off to bed. I love this hour of night, when everything seems so still and silent, and you look out at the night sky....after a good day, the stars shine so's just totally peaceful......

Well, good night all.



Cindy said...

Hi Jonathon-

I liked all of your post--- Seems you have 6 models in your family.. would any be willing to be in your photo shots?

I meant to ask you about your first design. Why did you choose the American flag? Is the Aussie flag also a popular design, or is the American flag more common? I liked it. Good luck with your clothing.. that is very exciting!

I do like jazz, too. I love Take 5 and lighter jazz. Have you ever listened to American blues? My husband is a big blues fan and we saw Muddy Waters on our first date back in 1981. He was the master.

What kind of music is Mest? I have trouble finding modern music I like. I used to love Rock and Roll, blues and some jazz. Can't handle rap. Like some 80s music, Police and such.

Do you recommened Mest?

Cindy said...

OH-- p.s. you may not know who I am? I am Cindy from Texas - friends of your mum and Luke stayed with us on his jaunt of the US!

Like your blog!


Leonie said...

How are you?

Yeah, I'm hoping to persuade my brothers to model some stuff while they're here this weekend. Just depends on wether I can blackmail them.....

I think I chose the american flag for a number of reasons. The first was that I was listening to some music by a band called "My American Heart", so it just seemed to fit. The second was that I've always loved the art and photography of a guy called Esteban Oriol, and he uses the american flag a lot, so this was sort of a reference to his stuff.

Ooh yes, I like a lot of the blues stuff, Luke is a big fan so I've picked up on that a lot. Seeing Muddy Waters would've so good.
The jazz I like lately is stuff by John Coltrane, I heard some of his stuff just yesterday actually!

Mest kind of fit into the Power pop genre, very catchy lyrically light pop/rock. They're a bit like simple plan, only not all teeny bopper. Their songs aren't all complaining about high school.....
I really can't stand modern rap, but I do like some of the 80's rap. The stuff before eminem and all those people. Stuff like Run DMC is good.

I recommend mest, but they're not the kind of band that would appeal to everyone.

A band I'd definately recommend are MXPX, a christian pop-punk goup I'm into. What I really like about MXPX is that they can write such good songs without having to put in any swearing. It annoys me when bands use swearing instead of real lyrics....Their album "Before everything and after" is very good.

Cindy said...

Hi Jonathon-

Thanks for all that music info! My husband has a very extensive blues collection.... of course our boys are tired of it so don't like it. They are also tired of hearing Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett when we played at dinner every night until about 3 years ago. So they will probably grow up with an aversion to that!

I will check out your band recommendations. I wonder if Mest sounds anything like the music on the Sonic video games. Would you know? That music is very popular around here. It has that modern/power pop feel if I'm reading your description right.

I will check out Estiban Oriel, too.

My exercise class plays some rap by Will Smith. I really like it, though can't hear his lyrics to know if it is clean. I agree with you about the content. But it is about the only rap I've heard I liked. I have heard good things about Run DMC, too-- need to check them.

I used to listen to Christian rock/pop but got really tired of it. Message was good, but the music began to sound the same...

Thanks for the ideas. Will pass them on to my sons, too. They need some new CD ideas.