Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Johm Holt and Raymond Moore

A lovely day yesterday. We caught the train to the city with another homeschool family and then met other homeschoolers at the Botannical Gardens for lunch. T, Anny and I went to the Opera House with the group, to see a play about rice and world hunger - Arborio.

T didn't appreciate it but Anny enjoyed it and I like to analyze how actors work with few props, a script and only two people. The play was in the Utzon Room, named after the designer of the Opera House and the view over the harbour area made me hold my breath and gaze.

J and A walked over to the Museum of Contemporary Art while we were at the play. They walked with a few other older homeschool guys. We like this place and have already been several times - we are often intrigued by modern art.

Afterwards, a few families and my family caught the train up to Borders - where the kids looked at books and CDs and we all had coffee and drinks and chat.

By the time we caught the train home ( an hour) and then drove home from the station, it was six o'clock. Quick, homemade chicken burgers for dinner!

One of the other mothers and I talked about early homeschooling in Australia. I mentioned that the first books I read about homeschooling were those by Holt and the Moores and how their relaxed philosophy influenced me. Now( present) and then ( past). This seems to be in direct contrast to many homeschoolers now, who are into curriculum from the way go. It is interesting to see how different families approach parenting and education.

I also thought about acceptance. About how much of homeschooling, unschooling and family life is about acceptance of the other person(s) - not as who you wish they were but as who they are.

I tend to want to over intellectualize things when sometimes life should be an act of faith and trust.


David E. Patton said...
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Greg said...

You've had a comment which was removed by the administrator?! bizarre!
I remember visiting the contemporary arts museum over the Christmas holidays. It was quite fun. Luke and I have just joined the Contemporary Arts Centre (CACSA) over here - and unfortunately missed an exhibition opening because we collected our mail too late! But I'm sure we'll be able to attend another soon. Jonathon would have enjoyed the exhibition we missed. It was by a Japanese artist, and looked quite interesting. Very modern, very socialist, as Basil Fawlty says. Also advanced, forthright, significant, in the words of Molesworth.

Shame we missed it!

Leonie said...

Sounds cool, Greg. The baby Che Guevarra (sp?) t shirt is gone ....

Cindy said...

Greg, I liked your comment, because I hardly ever hear the word 'bizarre' around here and it reminded me of Luke when he visited! I heard a lot about you, too and maybe you can come to Texas next visit, too?

The boys also loved that Luke used the word 'actually' a lot. They did for weeks after he left.

Leonie, I particularly like your comment about acceptance. I often wish I felt such acceptance, but then realize I am probably just as guilty about judging others, even if subconsciously. Something to work on....

Your day sounds fun, and I'm not sure I would like the rice event either, though we love it when dh cooks Risotto with Aborio rice...


Leonie said...

Cindy, I am laughing cos we always tease Luke about saying bizarre! lol!

BTW, I love basmati rice. Yum!