Thursday, September 15, 2005

T shirts, graphic design, and high fives all 'round....

Hi all, it's Jonathon again!

So what have I been up to?
Well, for one thing, I've finally done what I've been trying to do for around a year now, I've
designed and made my own t-shirt! It's only one shirt, but I feel like a fully fledged designer...
The shirt was made using a plain black t-shirt and an iron on transfer, with the design hand drawn and then finished using Adobe photoshop on a 30x30 cm image.

Basically, it's inspired by the american clothing line "Famous stars and straps", but with a cartoon twist.

At the moment, I'm not making any more, but in the future, one of my goals is to actually set up an independant clothing label, similar to "Made" or "Atticus".

Anyway, we'll see what happens!

What am I into right now.....

I'm reading "The story of the Amulet", by E. Nesbit. Mum read it aloud to us a while ago, but after just watching "The 5 children and It" last night (good movie, highly recommend it) I felt like reading some more Nesbit.

I haven't been watching any other movies of interest, but I have a sudden urge to watch Walt Dysney's "Aladin". Don't laugh, it's a good film!

As far as music goes, I've been listening to The Beatle's "White Album", the MC5's "Back in the USA" and some Jazz music by Dave Brubeck. Someone just recommended Story of the year, so I'll have a look into that on the weekend.

Lastly, I've been skateboarding. I can't seem to get the hang of kick turns, so I guess more practice is in order! I guess there's no hurry though.


The above image is copyright J Westenberg, september 2005.


Greg said...

Looks cool. (Btw I posted a comment yesterday re Edmund, but it doesn't seem to be there now). Now you can be like the fishman, who has set up a 'fashion group' to design good clothes "because there's nowhere in Adelaide that sells good clothes"!!

I'm not sure who is in the group, but I am sure that they're all talented individuals, with artistic ability and integrity oozing out of every crack in their chapped, craftsman's hands. The hands which have given of their moisture to so many masterpieces. I can sense the onset of a new era in fashion design thanks to the fishman and his disciples.

Sounds like it was fun though. I always wanted to make my own t-shirts and stuff as well. I think I even did it once or twice, though not with my own design!

See you soon!

Jo said...

Loved your design, Jon, I saw it when I was showing blogs to some people at Robyn Blunt's place. For some reason the graphic haven't come up on mine, did you take it off? I would love to know how you did the transfer, because it is something Wes has wanted to do.

Leonie said...


Both A and J have made designs on the computer and we bought those computer t-shirt transfer sheets by restik ( any K-Mart etc sell them). The boys printed their designs onto the transfers and ironed them onto t-shirts - maybe they can bring them and show them to the boys next week?